Survivorship Clinic: Ovarian Cancer Lifestyle

Ter­tia­ry pre­ven­ti­on: life­style in ova­ri­an can­cer. The Sur­vi­vor­ship Cli­nic concept

Tertiary prevention focuses on restoring health after illness. The aim of tertiary prevention (rehabilitation) is to prevent or alleviate relapse, chronification or consequential damage. In oncology in particular, tertiary prevention plays an important role in improving long-term survival and quality...

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Supportive offers for patients and relatives

Sup­port­i­ve offers: What is it and why can it be hel­pful in onco­lo­gi­cal diseases?

Supportive offers for patients and relatives Gynecological cancer and its treatment raises many questions and usually presents those affected and their families with very challenging situations that have to be mastered. In such a challenging situation, a supportive offering in...

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